Dip 101: Easy 1-Color Dip Manicure

Get started with Dip Powder at-home, with a simple, single-color manicure that outshines and outlasts polish.

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What you'll need:

Before You Begin: Nail Prep

The essential beginning to the perfect manicure - proper nail prep. Starting with natural nails, free from any previous polishes, begin by thoroughly washing hands and nails.

  • Trim away any excess hangnails and carefully push back cuticles to expose your full natural nail beds.
  • Using the file and buffer, delicately smoothen your natural nails for a ridge-free surface. Brush away any excess.

Pro Tip: Each step is intended to completed on one nail at a time. Begin on the first nail, completing each step fully, then repeating on remaining nails, before continuing as liquids dry within seconds.

Step 1: Base + Dip

You will need our Step 1: Pro Base, Clear Base Powder, and your choice of Dip Powder color for this step.

Creating a Long-lasting, chip-free, and crack-resistant manicure starts with a clear and solid foundation. While our Dip Powder is odorless, we suggest working in an open and well-ventilated space, as you would with any other treatment.

  • Begin with Step 1: Pro Base, applying a quick brush stroke down the center of your nail. Dip into Clear Base Powder, gently brushing away the excess.
  • Next, apply Step 1: Probase again, covering your entire nail. Dip into your choice of color, gently tapping away any excess.
  • Repeat a second time, applying Probase to the entire nail and dipping into your choice of color. After two layers of dip, apply a final coat of Step 1: Pro Base, covering your entire nail with quick brush strokes.

Step 2: Activate

You will need our Step 2: Activator, and a File or Buffer for this step.

After you have one layer of Base, two layers of Dip, and a final coat of Step 1: Probase, allow the nails to dry for a few seconds.

  • Using Step 2: Activator, apply a coat to your nail, ensuring the entire nail is covered. Wait about 30 seconds for the Activator to dry and seal.
  • Once dry, use the File and Buffer to gently smooth the nail, removing any excess build-up around the cuticles. Brush clean.
  • Then, apply a final coat of Step 2: Activator across the entire nail, wiping away any excess off hands and skin with a paper towel.

Step 3: Finish

You will need our Step 3: Finishing Gel for this step.

The final layer of your manicure creates a gentle shine and provides a protective seal to your treatment.

  • Apply Step 3: Finishing Gel, in three quick brush strokes, half-way up your nail, across the left, center, and right side of your nail.
  • Then, apply a final coat of Step 3: Finishing Gel, covering the entire nail this time with slow and steady brush strokes. Ensure the entire nail is covered, including against the edges and up to the cuticles.
  • Wait about 60 seconds for the final layer to dry, wiping away any excess liquid from hands and skin with a paper towel. Use caution to not touch the paper towel against the drying nails. Once dry, your manicure is complete!

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